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Dr. Joseph Perry

Dr. Joe Perry

The 5 Essentials of Health

Dr. Perry delivers a health care model consisting of the 5 Essentials of Health (positive mind, corrective chiropractic care, nutrition, detoxification, and exercise). His patients see amazing, life changing results. Dr. Perry holds advanced certification in nutrition, spinal correction, cleansing and exercising, pediatrics, and prenatal care.

The essentials of health necessary to prevent and reverse sickness and disease:
Positive mind
Corrective chiropractic care

Dr. Perry’s relationship with the patient is built on mutual respect, trust and cooperation. In keeping with these principles, Dr. Perry will communicate with the patient or a representative of the patient. He will explain the patient’s condition and prescribe a remedy. Patient confidential information is always preserved and protected, except as the patient directs or consents, or the law requires.

Dr. Perry conducts himself as a member of a learned profession and as a member of the greater healthcare community dedicated to the promotion of health, the prevention of illness and the alleviation of suffering.

“You are in charge of yourself and your families health!”

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